Santos De Los Angeles Performs on Saturday June 7th

Santos De Los Angeles part of the Saturday Swing Show!


Honey Festival: at HECHO EN MEXICO!

Honey Festival: PAY-WHAT-YOU-CAN!

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: This year we will do something special for our fans and supporters. We will do a PAY-WHAT-YOU-CAN ticket price. They simply log on to the website and pay what they can afford to attend the show. 

Santos to perform at INK-N-IRON 2014!

Social Club Wednesdays Returns

The return of the Social Club Wednesdays for the Players and Playettes...

LA MUERTE VIVE Returns in 2014...

I have a dream


Mexican Government reveals Mayan Documents Proving Extraterrestrial Contact.

Mexican government revealed Mayan documents proving early human contact with extraterrestrials... Do you still think they were talking about fairytale "gods?"

Dangers of Flouride

Would you brush your teeth with lead?

Extraterrestres Antiguos--Ancient Aliens

Did Ancient Aliens help shape our history?

El Desbalance--the Imbalance

  Las reglas excesivas existen para que la gente adrede se tropiezen en una o otra de ellas, y de esta manera tener que sentir la fuerza de la autoridad del estado.

El Poder del Cannabis Crudo--Power of Raw Cannabis

...another symptom of a society in decadence is when we outlaw vegetables that are good for us, while allowing cancer causing products like corn syrup, MSG, and GMOs to be sold freely to our children...

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